Thursday, April 7, 2011

Great to be doing what you love to do!!!

The past month was so full of great stuff. Here are some photos to show you some snapshots of what has been going on....

I had the opportunity to teach 3 sessions on Worship, and it was so much fun! I haven't taught in many years, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I look forward to doing it again this year.

I got to help lead worship several times during training. During worship  Emi would stand in the back and point and yell, "Mamma!" I think I was distracting people from worshipping God more than I was helping lead them into worship!

Marius & I hosted an "International Night" for the 5 International students from America, Brazil, Botswana, New Zealand, and Australia. We had a nice meal together, and each girl had a flower and chocolate.  It was great to get to know these girls from all over the world. Hospitality is so at the core of who we are and what we love to do. It was such a blessing to get to sit around the table with many nations represented and all share the same heart, and the same love for Jesus.

I got to actually use my new place-mats and napkins for a very nice international braai. Marius bought them for me at Christmas in Georgia, and it was the perfect night for them to come out of the cupboard.

Four of the "international" students who weren't from South Africa. They are all on the same team this year called "Southbound" because most of the direction they take around the globe this year will be in the southern hemisphere. In June, Marius will meet up with them in Bosnia/Croatia to help with their debrief of the first half of their year serving all over the globe. They'll be helping long-term missionaries and pastors with building, taking care of orphans, painting, evangelism, and many surprises along the way!

Marius got to teach several times during training. This picture was at a Festival with 3 Christian organizations joining together  for a week of teaching, worship, and fellowship. He did such a great job!

He says part of him just comes alive when he teaches! 

This is our full-time Global Challenge staff. Marius and I seriously feel privileged to work with these quality people. They are just amazing, and we're learning alot from them. We were at a staff retreat at a beautiful private nature reserve.

This is the cabin where we stayed. It is called Barakke, which means "barracks". This house belonged to a former South African President, and this was the barracks of his secret service men. 

Someone let us stay in their two homes for free at a very exclusive private nature reserve. It was absolutely beautiful and so peaceful. We got together and prayed for the weekend, for God to continue to lead us and guide our organization.

Beautiful ocean views.

We had a great guest speaker from Scotland, and I got to spend some time with his lovely wife, Yvonne. We really enjoyed hanging out and laughing together. 

This is me with Elaine from Brazil.

Marius and Emi with Helen from New Zealand and Erin from Australia.

Can you believe it? This is Erin's belongings for the whole year! Each Global Challenge participant was allowed one backpack and a small daypack, which had to include their tent and sleeping bag. I was seriously impressed.

Emi was saying goodbye to Linel and Heather before they left.

The students were just about to embark on their year long journeys around the world.

These are 3 of the young girls I've been tutoring at the  Ithemba Community Center.

I just love these girls. 2 of them are from Zimbabwe and they are very smart young ladies. We have lots of fun doing homework and learning about life and about God together.

Well, these are a few snapshots of the past few weeks. Please know how deeply we appreciate you keeping up with us and being a part of all that we're doing here in South Africa. We are making a difference in these lives together! Thank you and bless you. I will leave you with one last photo of our sweet Emi girl, who is also thoroughly enjoying her little missionary life here in South Africa!

Marius, Jodi and Emi

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  1. This just totally pumped me up to come and work with you guys! See you soon :)

    Oh, and Jodie I bootlegged 2 copies of your CD for the mechanics in Manzini (Jose and the guy who works for him). They heard it in the cd player of the Noah (one of the AIM cars) when he was working on it and he had to have a copy. Especially when he found out it was you singing.
    Don't sue me for copyright infringement :)