Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Please Pray for Emi's Surgery TOMORROW!

This is just a quick note to ask you to pray for Emi tomorrow (Thursday, October 20), as she will be having her tonsillectomy in the morning. The ENT recommends that with her recent struggles with her tonsils, this is the best route for us to go. Her surgery will be around 8am (2am for you guys in Georgia), so please pray for her before you go to bed.

It was such a blessing for us to see many of you in the States. Thanks again for helping us to get there with your sky miles! Thanks mom and dad for all of your hospitality and help with Emi while I was home. Emi had lots of great time with her Ouma, Oupa, cousins, and aunt and uncle!

We love and appreciate you greatly! Please pray that all goes well tomorrow.

Jodi  (for the whole Deetlefs gang)


  1. Jodi, I will surely pray for Emi. It was such a blessing from God to "accidentally" run into you at Goodwill! The pictures I took of Emi are so cute.. makes me smile every time.
    Thinking of you with love and prayers,

  2. We'll be praying Jodi! Getting to see your smiling face and give you a HUG was a treasure!!