Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Lordy, Lordy Jodi's ..............................not 39 anymore!

It has been SOOOOO super busy lately. I've been battling bronchitis again for the past few weeks, and it has been pretty hectic, but I'm on the upside now. Here are some photos of the last 3 weeks at Ithemba. Some of our recent lessons have included, "Nothing is impossible with God",  "I am special and unique", "It just takes a tiny seed of faith", and "How to stay healthy".  The vitamins and fruit continue to be such a source of blessing for these kiddos. Continued thanks to the Jasper Jingle Jog, Jasper United Methodist Church, and Emi's Closet customers for making this vitamin project possible!!

Marius was helping at the building site with chinking of the log houses that will serve as staff housing when our new high school is built.

Last week was a week of celebrations for our family: my 40th birthday, our 8th wedding anniversary, and Emi's 4th birthday. We went to a cool farmer's market/craft market to celebrate, and I made myself some very hard to find fried green tomatoes and okra. Yum. Yum!

Emi had a rainbow party and she enjoyed it so much

Emi's birthday present was a bedroom makeover. She was so excited and surprised when she opened the door to her new room. She had given me her wish list of pink, purple, sparkly, and soft. I love how it turned out, for the most part I just used stuff I had around the house.  So fun!



Here's my Zimbabwean friend Nancy's brand new baby boy. Nancy is the lady who sews for Emi's Closet's craft projects. This is her 3rd child. 

Here are recent photos of Emi. She is growing up so fast!!

She spotted this patch of clover and gathered all her bunnies and brought them out to have a snack.

Emi and Zoe

She rode this pony at a farmer's market

Emi with her 1st cousin ,Ilanza. Don't they look like sisters?

If Emi is near water she is HAPPY!

For my 40th Birthday, I received a ticket to the States, so Emi and I are coming home for Christmas!!! It will be my first Christmas at home in almost 4 years, and I am BEYOND excited!! Marius unfortunately won't be able to come though, because it is the busy season here in December, and he will also teach at training in January. As I mentioned before i've been battling with my lungs, and sinus infections, and I am just a bit run-down. This is going to be a family visit this time - for some much needed R&R with my folks. I am tremendously blessed to have this opportunity and  I'm so grateful to have a break. Please don't be mad if I don't phone to get together this time around - I plan to hibernate for a few precious winter weeks.  :)

Marius and I want to also wish all of you a happy holiday season. Please know that you are very precious to us and we GREATLY appreciate your partnering with us to make a difference here. We don't take it for granted for one moment all the amazing, wonderful, and generous people that HE has surrounded us with to make it possible to be here. Thank you and bless you!!!

jodi  (& marius & emi)

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  1. JODI !!! this is Julie Bowling from Berry College (WinShape) I would love to see you even though you are going to hibernate!! please email me