Thursday, May 12, 2016

EMERGENCY on Vitamin Delivery Day!

Hi Friends,

Today was vitamin delivery day, and as it is the start of winter here it is even more important than ever that kiddos take their vitamins every day to fight against disease and infection. We visited some cute kiddos...

Here is a tiny video clip of a few more cutie pies we saw at one of the pre-schools today:

This is a new pre-school that we delivered to for the first time today.... Welcome Shama Kids!

And here are my new friends Laura and Malena from Peru who have been helping to make some of our TREASURE products which we sell to help buy vitamins for the kids. They have been spending every Thursday with me helping to make some of TREASURE's new line of recycled gift tags. They have helped SO So much, and because of them we have gotten ALOT of stock together which I'll share more later, but here's a sneak peak.  Cute? Aren't they? 

 and Malee from Thailand who, from her wheelchair, hand-made this incredible rug from our  leftover fabric scraps:


And on Tuesdays, Taneale (who is also our dog Zoe's vet as well as a fellow worship team member with me at church), who is a great seamstress, has joined Mich and I and is sewing some gorgeous  new treasures.  We are so glad to have her on board! This beautiful children's dress is  an example of Taneale's handiwork.

And I had some other faithful helpers (Michelle, Kimmie, Lynnette, and Sara) who volunteered 4 hours of their recent school holiday to help cut cardboard cereal boxes to make gift tags. It was a great help!

And lastly, the EMERGENCY happened today as my little monkey fell off the monkey bars at school and broke her wrist! Emi's first cast ever.


Please pray for Emi's wrist to heal properly, and for grace and patience as she adapts to her new left handed ways.

Thanks for keeping up with us, thanks so much for your support, and thanks for your friendship. Pray for me as I'm helping to lead a small group and we're working through "When Helping Hurts - How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor our Yourself". It is extremely challenging, and influences the way we reach out to the several hundred kids we're ministering to now. And please also remember to pray for Marius as he has been experiencing a lot of stress and pressure at work, and one of the results has been his worsening jaw pain. He could use your prayer support. That's it for now. Be blessed!

With much love,

Marius, Jodi, and Emi


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  1. So wonderful to see all your helpers and the work y'all are accomplishing! Now, for Miss Emi, I share your pain sweet girl as the monkey bars also got me many, many years ago😄 Rest that arm sweet girl and you will back in the swing of things soon. Bet you gave your mama and daddy a near heart attack😊
    Blessings my friends,