Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I have a really great idea, and I just need a little help to make it happen. My dad’s 60th birthday is next month, along with my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary, and I would LOVE to surprise them with a quick surprise visit home. We won’t be coming home for Christmas this year, and I can think of nothing my dad would rather have for his birthday than a surprise visit from his grandbaby that he hasn’t seen in 9 months!

At first I thought it was completely impossible, as it would cost close to $5,000 for Emi and I to fly home, but when I saw this month’s Delta Special Offer I thought this could really happen. So here’s the deal:

To be able to fly home for his 60th, I just need some Delta Sky Miles. If any of you have some sky miles that you would be willing to transfer to me, I would greatly appreciate it!

Ticket costs:            100,000 miles
I have:                         8,000 miles
I need                        92,000 miles

*But the GREAT news is from August 10-Sept 30 Delta is offering a 100% Miles Bonus which means if someone transfers 10,000 miles to my account – Delta gives me 20,000 instead! So, I really only need:

Only need         46,000 miles

So, for only 46,000 Delta Sky Miles I can fly home and surprise my dad for his 60th birthday! Marius won’t be able to come because of work, but I if I get Sky Miles for my ticket, then I will then purchase Emi’s ticket (which is only a 10% fare because she’s still under 2 years old).

So, please, if you have some extra sky miles in your account – would you consider transferring them to me?  Several of my friends are avid travelers, so I know this is really POSSIBLE!  If you are interested in helping me, please email me at  

Here’s the link to the Delta Transfer Miles page if you want more details: . There is a $10/1,000 miles fee and a transaction fee of $30 which I would gladly reimburse you for if you’re interested in transferring some miles for me! My Delta Sky Miles Account # is Jodi Deetlefs 2225388079.

Remember, this is a surprise, so please don’t tell my parents! I know it is a long shot, but I just want to see if this is possible, and if you can help, it has to happen SOON (like in the next 7-10 days) while there are still Delta Sky Miles Award seats available on the flights.

Let me know if you choose to accept this TOP SECRET birthday mission!

Thanks so much!

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