Thursday, September 8, 2011



Most of you know that I was supposed to be landing in the good ole USA this morning to surprise my dad for his 60th birthday. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and we are still in South Africa.

Emi has been battling with tonsillitis for almost 2 weeks, and was on her 3rd round of different antibiotics and still she had a pretty high fever. Emi and I flew to Johannesburg on Tuesday, and when she still wasn’t improving on Wednesday (the day we were supposed to fly) I decided to take her to the doctor to just make sure it was ok for her to fly in this condition.  After looking at her tonsils, he immediately admitted her into the hospital for IV antibiotics. She is scheduled to be in the hospital for 5 days! This was SO unexpected, but God has been taking care of us in every way.

This morning her fever broke (after hovering at 102-103 since Sunday) and she is just starting to feel a little bit better. Marius flew in last night, and that is a great help for me and for his biggest fan-Emi! We pray by Sunday she will be released from the hospital on schedule, and be feeling like herself again!

I am SOOOOOOO grateful to God for giving me the wisdom to go for that doctor’s visit. The pediatrician said that her tonsils were so big that her airway could have been compromised, and that is one thing you don’t want to happen at 30,000 feet! When they did her blood work, her infection level was sky high. They usually give kids antibiotics when their infection level is between 2-5, and Emi’s was 94! This is after being on Zithromax, Augmenten, and Orelox. Anyway, please pray with us that she continues to get better and better. 

We have really felt the grace of God on us in these last days; so many kind strangers, and wonderful nurses, and lovely friends encouraging us and praying. Thank you!
While I’m very disappointed that I’m missing dad’s actual birthday, we will still get to fly, possibly even Sunday evening. So, it will still be great to come home and celebrate, just with a healthy little girl instead. Thank you all so much for helping make this trip a reality, and we’ll see you a little later, ok? Keep prayin!

Lots of love from Pretoria East Hospital!

Marius, Jodi, and Emi


  1. oh my gosh! That is scary. Praise God for the prompting to take her to the Dr. Praying she will have a full recovery and that you can continue on to the States without delay. love you and miss you guys! Chris

  2. Sweet thing! So glad that she's in good hands and doing better! I hope she continues to improve and that you guys are headed over here soon - safely and healthily! Can't wait to see you both! Hugs - Bon

  3. Definitely, 100%, Positively, Without a Doubt....Praying for you guys!!! As much as I was looking forward to picking you and Emi up at the airport, I am more grateful that she is receiving the medicine that she needs. We are praying for a speedy recovery and a healing touch from the very same hands that heal the blind, the lame and raised the dead! We are also praying for peace, strength, and rest for both you and Marius!!! Love - Kris

  4. Praying and asking others to do the same.

  5. We are praying for a full recovery for Emi!!!
    Love Mom & Dad