Monday, January 28, 2013

First days of 2013


Hi there! 2013 is here, and Jodi is busy with Ithemba & will blog about that soon. I am helping to equip 36 new students to go into the Nations. Our theme is “To know Him and to make Him known!” What a privilege to be part of this chapter of their lives, knowing that they will impact many, and they themselves will never be the same. 
Our first week of training started in the bush last week, where the students learned to live without their comforts. They slept under the stars,drank and bathed in the river, food was sparse & the sun was hot. Our goal was to bring them face to face with who they REALLY are.
The bush mimics circumstances they will encounter this year - hunger,eating strange food, and living in close proximity with teammates with very little privacy.This week we are focusing on “knowing” God and how we are a part of HIS story. Sunday I will teach on "Identity in Christ". Pray with me for them to have a revelation of Christ’s heart for them as well as the Nations. Our friend Joe Ewin from Scotland,  always says: "You cannot live on experiences, but only on revelation that God drops in our hearts…I pray that God will reveal more of who He is to you this week. Thanks for being on our team!      Marius     

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